Bevica User Group introduction

We held our second official Bevica User Group at the IOD in London on Tuesday and I have to say that I was very impressed. Yes, we at TVision are patting ourselves on the back for this but with good reason – we put together an event that a group of very experienced and senior people from the wine industry felt was relevant for them to attend.

Bevica is our drinks ERP solution, based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV. It has been used by companies for over 10 years and has scaled with our clients as they have enjoyed growth.

The Bevica User Group is a forum for our clients to discuss the wine/drinks industry trends, and how the Bevica solution supports the customer engagement to invoice process. It is also a place where peers can share best practice and also ways in which they believe that the solution can be improved. There were lots of excellent suggestions, but the most prevalent area of discussion was reporting. Having recently held a webinar on reporting, this topic was very fresh in our minds. But it is more than a topic or an area of the solution, it is present and important at each stage of the whole process.

Each role within a company needs to do a certain level of reporting, on different KPIs, either by summary or at a very detailed level. But what is the best method for each of these roles? Will just using the reporting capabilities within Bevica (NAV) but sufficient? Or is using a 3rd party solution like Jet Reports or Power BI the most suitable? Well, the answer to that really depends on how software savvy your employees are, how much time you can invest in setting up the reporting solution and how people want to access it. Various people in the room yesterday were talking about the benefits of Power BI, stating that it is getting much easier to set up the reports and the output is slick, sophisticated, yet simple and relevant. TVision will be hosting a webinar around this topic in the future.

With Making Tax Digital and the Customer Declaration System both coming into play in Spring 2019, the need for accurate and automated reporting is needed more than ever. Couple that with the uncertainty of Brexit and the plateau of the wine industry, companies are looking for more ways to streamline activities in order to lower costs and protect their margin. A good reporting solution which will allow any role to understand how the business is performing, which is easy to understand and relevant to them can be a huge benefit. The quicker you can get to the right information, then the quicker you can act upon it and that can give you the competitive advantage.

The Bevica User Group is beneficial for both our customers and TVision, and we will use the suggestions and recommendations from yesterday to help improve the Bevica solution and the service that TVision provides but also to shape future user groups. If you attended and wish to see a summary of the day, please get in touch and we can send you summary notes and the presentation deck.

The next Bevica User Group will take place at the 2019 Summit.

A post from Karen Moore – Account Manager