North South Wines

North South Wines needed a platform that could give them that visibility and flexibility.
As a small team, the staff were also required to fulfil arange of tasks, from customer account management and negotiating with new suppliers to credit control and business forecasting. Being able to keep on top of all this information and to multi-task effectively required a single platform that enabled each member of the team, real-time
and accurate information about every part of the business.

Built on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Bevica (formerly The Wine System) was the perfect solution for the requirements of North South Wines. In this instance, the implementation was hosted in the cloud to enable the North South Wines team to access their business information from any location, facilitating out-of-hours calls to international suppliers which can now be done off-site with the same level of information as from the office.

It also means the team can take live information into meetings and secure deals immediately – without having to return to the office to check they’re able to be fulfilled.
Bridging the gap between direct supply and agency wines, it has established itself as a trusted supplier to independent on and off trade customers. Backed by three wineries, and with relationships with some of the finest producers across the old and new worlds, the company has succeeded in growing rapidly in a hugely competitive market.

North South Wines Case Study

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