Is now the time to change your distilleries ERP software?

Have you been thinking about replacing your bespoke software? Did you know there is effective distilleries ERP software available that is powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central? Bevica has been developed over the last 20 years and is a powerful best practice software solution that has been designed specifically for businesses like yours.

We understand you have the day-to-day challenges of:

  • Managing cash-flow
  • Production including:
    • Raw materials planning,
    • Batch number management,
    • Quality control
    • Maintenance of unique formulations
  • Stock management
  • Forecasting
  • Warehousing
  • Audit trails with compliance reporting
  • Tax calculations

distilleries bottling and production

Bevica is the one-stop distilleries ERP software solution that manages all of your business processes from grain to bottle. And this is even more important today than before as your business will have been impacted by people working from different geographical locations.

Bevica for Distilleries

Bevica has a unique feature set which enables businesses of any size, in any sector of the drinks industry, to manage and gain insight from every part of their business. Our specialised technology for distilleries includes:

  • A complete Finance/KPI solution, including invoicing, etc.
  • Seamless supply chain & distribution management
  • Effective duty management
  • Reliable inventory control
  • Effective Customer Relationship Management
  • Enhanced reporting capabilities
  • All powered by Microsoft SaaS cloud technology

To learn more and to arrange a demo – get in touch via email or call 01483 751888.

Download our Silent Pool Distillers case study to show you how our expertise has helped one particular client. Read our press release about the Microsoft promotional video that was created. And then watch the short video below.

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