New functionality for 2019 in Bevica


We are constantly looking for ways to improve customer experience (CX), and this has resulted in new Bevica functionality in 2019. CX is a standing topic of conversation at our six monthly Bevica User groups – the most recent of which took place at our TVision Summit at Mercedes Benz World. We’ve been developing various areas of functionality within Bevica on Business Central.

Reclassification Journal

One of these developments is the newly modified, Reclassification Journal.

Previously users weren’t able to change the status of goods from Duty Free to Duty Paid within the same location unless they were processing a transaction. And although the Reclassification Journal had always been available to post positive and negative journal movements in one operation. It can now be used to transfer stock within the same location from Duty Free to Duty Paid, and vice versa.

Providing greater flexibility, a guide on how to use this functionality will be available soon within our client portal.

ExCellar Orders

With enhanced ExCellar Orders capability also available, there is now no need to place separate sales and purchase orders.

Previously ExCellar Orders allowed users to process a direct shipment as long as the sales and purchase transactions were of the same duty type. Saving time and effort, recent changes mean users are able to mix duty status within one order, i.e. sell duty paid whilst buying duty free.

The setup for this is controlled from a Purchase Agreement with the user specifying the duty combination. On posting the ExCellar Order, duty is accrued and posted to the duty account.

Further information will be made available shortly via the client portal – a great place to find extra information, essential how-tos, training and additional documentation. So if you’re not already registered for the client portal, get in touch and we can provide your log in credentials.

If you’d like to know more about how you can make the most of these changes using Bevica or Microsoft Dynamics, please get in touch via the contact form or call us directly on 01483 751888.