I am feeling nostalgic; something about the summer holidays does that to most of us I guess. Memories of long sunny days stuffed with a cheese sandwich, a bicycle and no particular plan. The school holidays would stretch before us and September would be a far away consideration, akin to envisioning a trip to Mars. Naturally most of us don’t expect working life to be so easy going (unless you’re Italian where the country closes for August!); however, I’m sure it used to be easier. Within about a fortnight of Parliament going on recess the Premiership season starts; even before the schools break-up the shops are full of “Back to School” promotions. Where has our summer breeze gone? Now I apologise to those reading this whose summer is a hectic round of covering for absent colleagues or who work in an industry where the summer is peak season, although you’ll probably too busy, this year I can truly sympathise. Typically our TVision summer would be fairly easy going, projects slowing down to accommodate key users’ holidays, decisions awaiting the autumn return of board members. I’m not sure why but that hasn’t happened this year. We have two major new projects pressing ahead regardless, one a 130 user Dynamics NAV implementation with complex CRM requirements and the other a 40 user international project. We have projects for existing clients. We have sales prospects eager to press ahead to decisions in order to achieve go live dates early next year (no doubt they will press ahead oblivious to Christmas!). It would be wrong to complain about being so busy, especially after the stress of recent years. TVision is almost unique amongst the Dynamics Partner Channel to have survived debt free; we are pleased to have turned a profit for the financial year 2009/2010 and it seems that 2010/2011 is off to a cracking start. The next few months will also be busy from a product point of view with R2 of NAV due for release later this year. It seems we are entering a demanding time that will be exciting, pacey and rewarding. Perhaps it is all perspective and I have just gone soft, compared to how busy the autumn will be, this summer is as cool as a cucumber.